The Nehemiah Project //

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Nehemiah Project Seed:  

$3 | $30 | $300 | $3000

Per Quarter (Every three months)

What is the Nehemiah project?
The Nehemiah project is Gods plan and design to RENEW, REBUILD, and RESTORE with LOVE the ministry of The Greater Miller Memorial COGIC.




New Worship Location for the Congregation 

  • Providing a comfortable natural and spiritual environment for the existing congregation, while we rebuild the walls.

  • Lift up an attractive worship experience that will attract new membership and bring about immediate growth to the ministry & the church.


The Power of Giving

  • 50 people who will agree to a trinity offering of $300.00 per quarter outside of there regular tithes & offerings. 

  • This will provide a working budget of $15,000.00 per quarter.